Are you experiencing any of these issues?

    • Dampness in the sub-floor ?

    • Mould building up ?

    • Timbers Starting to Rot ?

    • Have no Air Flow under your house ?

    • Reduce health issues from mould development

    An accredited technician will assess your home first to identify the issue/s. Recommendations will then be made from the assessment to either upgrade the existing or install the appropriate ventilation system.

    Smiths Pest Control use Aleta Industries Pty Ltd which have been manufacturing high flow static sub-floor vents for over 30 years. The company is proudly Australian and the current management have been operating the business for over 15 years.

    “ Ventilation plays a key role in keeping mould and mildew out of your home. Having adequate cross flow ventilation in your sub-floor helps prevent, cure or reduce timber decay, cupping of floor boards, and risk of termite attack. Aleta Vents also allow natural light into your sub-floor making it less desirable for termites and other nasties.
    Aleta Industries Pty Ltd also sells a range of Fans for use in hard to access sub-floors. Not every home can achieve natural cross flow ventilation and this is when in-line ducted fans can help out. We can supply both 240 Volt Fans and 24 Volt Fans. “

    These Brass Wire Vents come in a variety of different sizes to accommodate your property as required. The colour of the vent can also be selected to your preference.

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